Image Brand Part Number Product Type Description Features
Image Polytech Plastics
Shop Supplies and Tools New Brand

    Located in Prince George, British Columbia, Polytech Plastics Manufacturing operates an in-house Manufacturing and Rotational Molding Facility so they can design and produce products that are essential to their customers & dealers. If there is a need for it? They can build it! They love a challenge.

    With over 30 years of Industrial Polyethylene Molding experience, Polytech Plastics is recognized as a leader in Polyethylene Plastic Manufacturing.

    Based 100% in Canada, Polytech produces a vast array of products, ranging from commercial truck fenders and accessories including a large variety of commercial truck light boxes.

Image Fairview Various
Shop Supplies and Tools Water Products New offering includes:
  • Hose
  • Nozzles
  • Sprinklers
  • Splitters
  • Coupler Sets
  • Replacement Washers
Image Prolab Various
Lubricants and Chemicals New Brand

Less is more with Prolab products. Invest in a superior product and save on downtime and repairs. This is preventive maintenance at its best!


  • Diesel Fuel Conditioner
  • Treatment for Catalytic Converter
  • 100% Synthetic Aerosol Dielectric Grease
  • Super Multi-Purpose Penetrating Lubricant
  • Penetrating Lubricant for Steel Cables
  • Graphite/Moly Grease for Open Gears
Image Reflexallen 114-*** and 117-***
Air System Components Kink-Repairing Air Brake Coils
  • Designed to bend, flex, stretch and survive the coldest Canadian winters and the hottest Arizona summers
  • Intelli-flex kink-repairing tubing can kink, crease, bend, flex, fold and still pass DOT requirements
  • Black tubing offers outstanding UV protection, abrasion and chemical resistance, extending coil life
  • Non-corrosive cable guards offer outstanding tubing protection and whip reduction
  • Molded in-line leads significantly reduce tubing chafing, whipping and coil sag
  • The 2" diameter option offers amazing tangle resistance and coil sag reduction
  • Effective in a temperature rang from -80 degrees C
  • Available in 40mm and 70mm diameter and with or without 40" leads